Find the ‘Something’ in the ‘Nothing’ and the ‘Nothing’ in the ‘Something’

STAR KEEPER (11-08-2016)

Meditation is a transformative exercise in and of itself. Take the time for your health and well-being to join with a group of like minded kindred spirits within your own local community. Dawn offers regular weekly and monthly meditation classes for both beginner and advanced members. Sitting within a high vibrational space in the presence of the I AM Consciousness Enlightened Beings channelled through Dawn will offer you a guided meditation that will create an awareness within you that you may never have experienced until now.

Teachings: With the added benefit of a question and answer session in the first half of the evening you will have the opportunity to grow individually and spiritually with universal wisdom and knowledge readily available and accessible to you at the start of each meeting.

Class sizes are intentionally kept to a minimum to ensure maximum benefit and opportunities exist to explore your questions and enhance your understanding of ALL THAT IS.

Monthly Meditation Groups (Beginner & Advanced Classes) Include

  • Channelled Question and Answer Session.
  • A Channelled Guided Meditation
  • A Cup of Tea for Grounding

Time: 7.30pm to 9.15pm              



Monthly Sunday Night Meditation Groups are available for new members. 

Bookings are Essential to reserve your space as class sizes are limited. 

We Do recommend wearing a Pale or Colourful top over your heart chakra to lift the vibrations such as white, creams, pale blues etc. If possible, not a dark colour top.

Doors will be open at 7.10pm only and closed again at 7.30pm to ensure latecomers do not interrupt the meditation session. All group members are asked to leave by 9.45pm to allow Dawn time to re-balance her energy before retiring for the evening.