Dawn K Foster is a Crystal & Spiritual Energy Therapy Practitioner, specialising in

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Emotional Cleansing
  • Stress Release
  • Energy Activation Attunements

Individual Therapies - (Private Bookings)

Dawn works with Crystals and Universal Energy, receiving Guided Insights for clients during their therapy sessions, this information helps to ease & release stress & health problems, assisting clients to reach their highest potential at emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Where possible, TWO Practitioners will work with you at her home in the suburb of Chartwell, Hamilton. Dawn is the main practitioner and is usually assisted  by her Father Tony. There is no extra charge for the second person.


Crystal Gateway Therapies offer Sunday night Channelled Teachings and provide an opportunity to have your general spiritual questions answered. These monthly meetings include a meditation session or energy exercise (All Levels Welcome). Please note, we do not offer answers to personal questions during group meetings.

Sunday group members are kept to a minimum size to maximize understanding and allow for participation. Please contact us for more details. 

Wednesday night weekly meetings are for Dedicated Group Members (By Invitation due to Limited Space). Please let us know if you are interested.


In addition to her therapy sessions, Dawn is a Facilitator/Channel with over 25 years experience in channeling the Universal Energies for the 'I Am Consciousness', a team of Angels & Enlightened Beings who educate people in achieving spiritual advancement. The Master Teachers call Dawn a 'Universal Communicator'.

Since 1999 she has organised regular Spiritual Discussion Groups, Meditation Meetings, Seminars throughout the year and has written many spiritual articles and newspaper columns. Each Seminar theme is decided by the Universal Energies that work through Dawn based on what the seminar participants are ready for and their various levels of understanding. Weekend seminars are generally held 4 times per year and truly are life changing events for the participants and all involved. 



Are you on a spiritual journey? Desire to advance to the next level?

Crystal Gateway Reviews

Since first coming across Dawn at Crystal Gateway Therapies in 2007, I have regularly attended her meditation classes and weekend seminars, and have had many healing sessions with her. Working with Dawn and her channelled guides has completely changed my life, from being timid, stressed and fearful, and in an abusive relationship to someone growing every day in confidence, calm and happiness, and now in a loving, nurturing relationship. Dawn has the most amazing ability to help heal emotional blockages and hurts (and some physical ones too), which gives an individual the best chance of achieving mind/body/spirit wholeness. Her seminars are extremely powerful on so many levels. It is a great blessing to have her working with us in New Zealand. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Maria G.

For those on a spiritual journey of growth there can be no better partnership than the channeling of Dawn and the teachings of the team, guides and helpers that speak through her. The team provide us with spiritual directions to help us with every aspect of our development to the highest level on a group and individual level. The weekly meetings are completely channeled which is unprecedented in my 20 something years of classes. With remarkable insights and education on almost a weekly level, missing a weekly meeting is a great disappointment to me and to be avoided if at all possible. If you are on a spiritual path this is the place for you .In conclusion, It is an absolute privilege to be part of this group.To be part of this adventure.

Andrew from Hamilton

I’ve been going to Dawn’s meditations, healings and seminars for almost two decades. I am proud and honoured to have met and worked with this most incredible and powerful person and team of guides in this lifetime. I’ve experienced so many amazing and beneficial changes, and I feel much healthier and happier than even when I was in my twenties (I’m now almost sixty). Dawn, and her mum and dad, Tony and Wilma, are such genuine and sincere people. All my gratitude and appreciation for your help over the years.


I was introduced to Dawn and her Team of guides in 2001, when I attended my first of many of her channelled meditation classes. I was searching for “inner peace” and with her guidance have achieved that.
Since moving from Hamilton over 9 years ago, I have continued to attend her seminars and have healings with her, Tony and Wilma.
But most importantly I am able to contact her for distant healings, as needed, for myself and sometimes my family. These are always extremely beneficial for removing stress and blockages, as well as emotional, spiritual, mind support for healing my body.
I am eternally grateful that my path this lifetime led her to me. The ease and her ability to channel, is unique and the messages given are very empowering. I can’t thank her enough.

Marilyn (Whitianga)

I first came to Dawn at a time of crisis, when I had not been able to receive any benefits from other mainstream avenues. I knew immediately I was in the right place with Dawn, Wilma and Tony. My anxiety seemed to shrink after each visit, to the point where it was non-existent.
Dawn and her team are absolutely incredible, and they have helped make me a shinier, bouncier version of myself. Going to see Dawn is one of the greatest gifts I give myself; it’s like a bubble bath for your soul.

Abby, Auckland

I have been going to Dawn’s healings regularly for the last 5 years and it has changed my life. I was at a very low ebb and in a spiritual and emotional dark place. I was disconnected from myself,felt entrapped and hardly knew who I was. Dawn ( her mum and dad,Tony and Wilma) and her incredible team of channelled guides have completely changed my life. They have helped me to love myself and to connect with my inner being. I feel enpowered, protected and free. For me frankly it has been a rebirth- from entrapment to freedom, from fear to enlightenment and happiness. I am truly grateful and honoured to know Dawn and her parents and to receive such powerful guidance, support and healing in this lifetime…If you want to remove blockages- spiritual, mental and emotional, synchronize your mind,body and soul, heal emotional, mental and physical wounds then this is the place to be.
Dawn, Tony and Wilma are lovely, gentle and sincere souls- funny, quirky and absolutely reassuring and may I add completely non-judgemental too.
I am truly blessed to be on this journey and to witness my own transformation- so amazing.
Thank you. With love and gratitude,

Rachel, S.I. (Hamilton)

I really enjoy the seminars run by Dawn and the team as they help us to face our inner fears and find our deepest truth through creative games, emotional navigation exercises and beautiful crystal healing stations.
This is done in a loving and safe environment which enables us to grow in all aspects of our selves and become better human beings.
What more can you ask for from a spiritual teacher and guide


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing yourself the gift of some well-deserved timeout just for you with Dawn, Wilma and Tony. We pay to see a GP for our medical needs, a psychologist for our emotional and mental needs and we think nothing of it. It is time we take care of our spiritual needs and this family has shown me, that when we take care of our energetic and spiritual needs, our emotional, metal and physical needs take care of themselves. I owe so much to Dawn, Wilma and Tony – they reminded me who I Truly Am, they bought me back to myself through their teachings and presence in my life. I only hope we have many more lifetimes together so that I have the time it would take to repay them for opening my conscious awareness and the remembrance of my I AM SELF. Dawn does not promote life-long students – she creates life-long teachers.

Sandra Kay – Ex Class Member (Melbourne, Australia)

Dawn is the real deal. Genuine, Compassionate, Wise and Honest.
You can trust her to assist you on your personal journey – spiritual path with respect and integrity. Highly recommended……………..

Melody (Cambridge, NZ)